Wednesday, September 5, 2012

About forgetting to post!

I have been extremely busy... But thats no excuse to not post on my blog for many months! I try to keep my friends, clients and colleagues updated via my facebook page. I hate to sync posts, you'll always see something different either on my twitter @aliciakidd 

Or on Instagram 

I have completely forgotten about Flickr, 500px, Google+, LinkedIn and a whole lot of sites that I just don't have time for. Maybe thats why people sync everything together... I just can't bring myself to posting the same thing on every socialmedia site. Its ridiculous! Although I have noticed that I have completely different people following me on all the sites!

So, I promise to keep up and post once in while to all the other sites, but my main account will be Facebook and Instagram. Just so you know where to look if you want to be updated with all the things that I will be doing in the near future. 

On another note, I refuse to keep opening accounts. Pintrest, Tumblr ( I think I had a tumblr, can't remember though), and all the other sites here bellow... Not that they're not good enough or that they're not my thing, its just that... ITS TOO MUCH! Do we really need our lives, our work and everything about us to be at the finger tips of others?

I did the exercise of searching my name on Google. Allot came up. Most important, my website, the professional photography associations and forums I belong to and also all the social media sites that I'm connected to. Which I have mentioned and linked above. If you click on images, you'll see a few photos of me, photos I've taken and of course a few other photos of Alicia Kidds. So, please tell me, is it really necessary? Do I really NEED Pintrest? Let me know your thoughts, comment below or leave me a message on facebook!

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