Friday, January 29, 2010

The field of Hope

An inspiration from Haiti, Desir Wiltes is a 24 year old medicine student who took into his own hands the large task of taking care of hundreds of wounded victims of the recent earthquakes in the island. Minutes after the earthquake Desir Wiltes was visited by neighbors and friends who have been seriously hurt. People kept arriving and Desir kept giving everything he can.

He felt that since his family was unharmed it is his responsibility to treat the wounded who arrived to the soccer field in his neighborhood. Two of his friends and Desir decide to manage the field as an organized refuge and make shift clinic. With their own money, they buy all the medicine and necessary materials to treat and cure his people. Recently they have been receiving donations of food, clothes, medicine and camping tents. More help is needed.

Outside the city Puerto Príncipe, Haiti a soccer field reguges more than 100 families, victims of the recent earthquake. (view large)

Distracted by the people passing by the refuge. (view large)

Riky (left) talking to one of the administrator of the refuge Desir Wiltes, a 24 year old Haitian medicine student. Before the arrival of the United Nations, Wiltes, with the help of two friends from med school, have taken responsibility of all the medical assistance in the soccer field which acts as a make-shift clinic. With little or no money these students buy all the medicine needed to cure their wounded, more than 300 families. Desir says, "Since my family is well and these people are not, I feel it is my duty to help them". (view large)

Desir Wiltes, a 24 year old Haitian medicine student. (view large)

Ricardo García, a Dominican volunteer from La Romana, talks to a Haitian family who have found refuge in this soccer field. This family has developed affection towards Riky, so much so that the children greeted him by jumping up and hugging him like of their own. Riky spends as much time as he can with this family teaching the kids small words in Spanish and learning and perfecting his Creole. (view large)

One the children introduces himself in Spanish. (view large)

A small girl drinks from the water meant to wash the dirty dishes. (view large)

The youngest child of this family, found us walking in the field and took us to where his brother was lying sick with a high fever. A few minutes later one the doctors who we traveled with, diagnosed him with critical health condition due to a number of ailments. (view large)

With only 18 days, Princess Miraky (Miracle Princess) is being taken care of by complete strangers.
Her parents died during the earthquake while trying to rescue her four brothers. She is the only survivor of her family.
(view large)

Riky carries a girl who is swolen and sick from malnutrition. (view large)

One of the doctors carefully examines a child who has been seriously injured by the quake. (view large)

Adults and children greet Desir. Although he has not yet graduated from medicine, due to his great help the people of the refuge respect him and treat him like family. (view large)

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  1. Thanks Again... GREAT JOB!!!!!

  2. Praise God for all the team from El Buen Samaritiano Hospital in La Romana, DR has been able to do. I pray that they will be able to keep going to Haiti to continue the medical clinics. AMEN