Tuesday, March 31, 2009

childhood memories

Is it only me or do memories fade in color? I chose to do my photo project on My Childhood Memories, how things often seem like dreams, not real. Why is it that thinking about my childhood black and white images come up in my head?


Dreams. I remember some childhood dreams, they seem allot like double exposures now.


A death of a family member made me realize just how fragile life is...


SNOW! Oh the great white stuff, loved it then and still love it now!


When I was younger I always dreamed of having a huge red truck, I used to tell my dad "I want a Mishumishi with 16 wheels" Don't ask...


I would wander in our backyard, for hours. I still love being in wood lands and just walk, forget everything else and just walk. Some memories, the fuzzy ones... Just seem to fade.

Childhood Memories project for the PR photo society NYC collective.
All photos were taken with a Nikon FE and Kodak BW film. All rights reserved to photographer Alicia Kidd

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  1. Nice collection. It's nice to read a little about the story behind the photos.